Agent Monitoring Service gives on-line monitoring possibility of Company staff, providing expedition, courier, security and other services, requiring pedestrian movement.


What do you need?

To implement agent monitoring, the administrator of virtual network will be granted with web interface access https://agent.moldcell.md, offering on-line location on city or country of any of the company’s agents.


Recommended requirements: choose one of the browsers for qualitative navigation: Google Chrome 5.0-8.0, Mozilla Firefox 4.0, Apple Safari 5.0, Opera 10.6-11.01, MS Internet Explorer 9.


How does it work?

Agent monitoring is possible thanks to the GSM signal transmitted by the mobile phone used by the agent, and the location of GSM antenna serving the signal.  


The information about the localization of the object is approximate; it can have up to 25 kilometers error margin from the place of localization shown on the map, depending on place. Several factors can influence the quality of the Service, such as local peculiarities of relief or constructions, meteorological conditions, location at a height of 30 meters, next to or inside a building, crowded spaces, inside buildings where the use of mobile phone is prohibited, in basement or underground building, tunnels, during the flight of an aircraft.  

The service is available in the zone of coverage of the Operator, only in the Republic of Moldova, with the exception of Transnistria. The service is not available in Roaming.